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avisenmanu asked:

Hey I just wanted to drop by and say that you have a very cool blog. Nice layout and pictures. I am JUST starting as an apprentice and I am blogging about it on here as well. If you have any advice for first timers like myself, I'd love to hear about it. What bird I should go with, how to build my mews, any tips or tricks, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Thank you very much! Congratulations on getting started as an apprentice! :D It’s gonna be a fun journey ahead for you!! 

If you have access to good hunting grounds, I would suggest a red-tail as your first bird. They require more space, can be more dangerous, and tend to be more expensive, but they’re generally much easier to maintain. Kestrels can be easily injured and weight control is much trickier. Red-tails are much sturdier and will be able to better handle potential mistakes that apprentices might make. In general, they’re also easier to get hunting and harder to lose. Kestrels are very prone to carrying, and it can also be difficult to get them chasing things larger than mice and bugs. That being said, kestrels can also make wonderful apprentice birds as long as you’re careful with them. I started with a kestrel as my first bird and it was perfect for me. She was small and convenient to work with. Housing was simple, I could learn proper handling skills without risk of injury to myself, and she was a total sweetheart! I eventually lost her when she got chased off by a red-tail and decided to “upgrade.” lol They’re definitely a more advanced bird to fly successfully than red-tails, but it really depends on what resources you have. Match the bird to what you think you can have the most success with :) 

As for how to build your mews, it entirely depends on what bird you’re going with! Red-tails and kestrels will have completely different requirements. It will also depend on whether or not you want to free loft your birds. I usually prefer to keep my flying birds tethered. I find it keeps them more tame and easy to work with. 

witchofthewyldwood asked:

Greetings! I love your blog-- I'm rather jealous of your work with animals! I always wanted to work in a zoo or wildlife rehab. I am however messaging about getting into falconry! I live in NC, USA and have not been able to find a Master Falconer.. do you have any tips, advice, suggestions, resources, etc. that you would be able to share with someone who is interested in/for getting started with the art of falconry? I greatly appreciate it!

Thank you! That’s too bad that you’re having a hard time finding a sponsor :/ Finding one can be tricky. Have you tried looking contacting NCFG? I always advise people to look to their state’s falconry club as a primary resource. For me, that was the California Hawking Club, but I’m not as familiar with other states. Joining falconry groups on FB can be another great way to meet people. That’s my main connection to the falconry community. Good luck!

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