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hey, whatcha doing? are these the internets? can I internet too?

This seems familiar…









The fact the dog looks back at him in the last image just sells this.

You are ruining my life and your human is attractive.

I want to date him and his dog

macchelle asked:

I was absolutely thrilled to see the pictures of Zuko in in the park with the little girls. I'm hoping you've made a lasting impression. I know next to nothing about falconry so please forgive me if this is the world's most stupid question. How do you prevent Zuko from following his/her (?) instincts and going after other small birds when you're out and about like this? Is it all down to good training?

Not a stupid question at all! I find it funny though because I actually have the opposite problem with him! lol I wish he would go after little birds while we’re out flying. I’m doing everything I can to get him to hunt house sparrows and starlings. Unfortunately, he is more interested in catching bugs or coming to the glove for food. But we’re working on it. He’s starting to at least chase birds now so its a good start!

Now that its molting season, I’m not as worried about hunting and I’m mostly just holding on to him so I have a bird to fly and work with. He seems to enjoy life as a falconry bird and he’s a lot of fun to train and fly, so I’m in no rush to release him. But there’s a good chance I’ll release him at the beginning of next season and start with a new bird. 

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